Type of lawyers and attorneys

Lawyers and Attorneys

A lawyer is a person who, having a degree in Law and duly enrolled in the professional association, provides legal services to his clients, through advice and / or assistance in both judicial and extrajudicial proceedings. Within the legal sector, we can find general lawyers, as well as specialists in specific areas of law. In this article we are going to review the most common types of lawyers to know them and to know which we should go to them in case of need.
Labor Lawyers: They are specialized Labor Law and Social Security. They intervene in conflicts between workers and companies and public administrations such as the INSS, the TGSS or the SEPE. The most common issues in which they intervene are dismissals, wage claims, claims for mobbing, disabilities, accidents at work, vacation disputes, substantial modification of working conditions, etc. We can find labor lawyers that their clients are only workers, others that only carry companies and also there are those that carry both workers and companies. In case of intervening in judicial proceedings, these are dealt with mainly in the Social Courts, and in the second instance in the Superior Courts of Justice.

Penal Lawyers: As its name suggests, they are dedicated to Criminal Law, that is, to matters in which there has been some type of criminal activity. Its function is to assist and defend the interests of its clients in statements, during instruction, and in the oral trial phase. In case of having the injured party as client, its function will be to present the complaint or complaint and, if applicable, appear as an accusation. And, in case of bringing the allegedly infringing person, its purpose is to defend his client from the facts that he is accused of in order to be acquitted or, according to the cases, reach an agreement with the prosecutor to limit the possible sentence. In case of judicial procedure, mainly, they intervene in the Juzgado de Instrucción, in the Criminal Courts and in the Provincial Court. And, in certain cases, they can intervene in the National Court.

Civil lawyers: They are dedicated to matters of Civil Law. Therefore, they defend the interests of individuals against other individuals, which can be natural or legal persons (companies, entities, etc.). Within this scope, there are very varied cases, from the claim of economic debts, to non-contractual or contractual civil liability, passing through divorces, inheritances or incapacitations. Its judicial action is carried out, mainly, in the Courts of First Instance and in the Provincial Court. Also, within the Civil Law, today we can find lawyers who are specialists in specific subjects such as Real Estate Law, in cases of foreclosures, evictions, land clauses, etc.

Family Lawyers: Although Family Law is, rather, a sub branch within Civil Law, we can consider it as a specialty since there are many lawyers specializing in Family Law. The most common issues in which they intervene are separations and divorces, and derived from these as the regime of visits of children, provisional measures, etc.
Mercantile Lawyers: Are those that are dedicated to the Commercial Law, that is to say, the one that has to do with the business world. In recent years, they have been much in vogue due to the large increase in bankruptcy proceedings. However, its mission is not limited to the judicial sphere but also deals with merger processes between companies, drafting commercial contracts, negotiation of agreements, intervention in shareholders’ meetings, etc. As for the jurisdiction, the Commercial Courts are competent and, according to the chaos, also the Courts of First Instance.


If you need the services of a lawyer, you may have doubts about different aspects. A lawyer is a person who, having a degree in Law and duly enrolled in the Professional Association, provides legal services to his clients, through advice and / or assistance in both judicial and extrajudicial proceedings. Within the legal sector, we can find general lawyers, as lawyers specialized in specific areas of law.

Types of Attorneys What do you need?
The lawyer is an independent professional who assists him as an advisor and representative in the defense of his rights and interests in front of public bodies, other persons and private entities. As a general rule, all lawyers have extensive experience and training in the most important branches of law. The lawyer is today a versatile technician who, depending on his specialty areas, can provide his services in relation to the different specific areas of Law:

Attorneys specialized in Criminal Law
Criminal Law attorneys will be able to defend you within the framework of a criminal process, in all judicial proceedings related to the commission of a crime, whether you have been reported or want to file a complaint or complaint. Criminal Law attorneys can defend you in any criminal process, whether ordinary or abbreviated, or to file an appeal. Robberies, thefts, injuries, scams, crimes against road safety, quick trials, homicide, etc.

Expert lawyers in Procedural Law
The lawyers of Procedural Law are the ones that are dedicated to treat all the aspects related to the procedure as much of the civil causes, criminal, banking, etc. Time and form of the procedural acts (demand, resources, injunctions, etc.).

Real Estate Law Attorneys
The real estate lawyers are responsible for regulating everything related to the rights and legal business on real estate. On real property, real estate law regulates from the acquisition of it until its extinction, and possible modifications, transmissions and encumbrances.

Lawyers specialized in Civil Law
The civil law lawyers are dedicated to dealing with: Obligations and contracts of a civil nature (purchases, leases, donations, mortgages, traffic accidents, etc.), Inheritance (wills, legacies, legitimate, etc.), Family law (marriage, separation , divorce, de facto couples, paternity, food, etc.), Special properties (horizontal property, intellectual property), Other (disability, declaration of absence, death, etc.).

Family Law Lawyers
Family Law lawyers are those who deal with the following matters: Marriage (celebration, separation, divorce, annulment, economic regime, etc.), Parent-child relationships (parental authority, maintenance obligations, etc.), Relationships of kinship, Adoption, fostering, guardianship and Inheritance (wills, legitimate, legacies, inheritances, etc.).

Lawyers Traffic Accidents
Traffic Accident lawyers are specialized in these cases, which cover more than one branch of law. Thus, in terms of compensation arising from the accident, civil liability, possible crimes committed that have caused the accident, must handle the Criminal Code and also manage injuries, sequelae, death, …

Attorneys Community of Owners
If you have any conflict with your community of owners, or with a third-party community, the Community of Property attorneys will be able to help you. Challenge of agreements of the owners’ board contrary to the law, statutes that are harmful, claim against the community or against one of the owners (for example for the non-payment of fees), reform of common elements or installation of a lift, … In addition, They will be able to help you with the problems of coexistence with neighbors.

Expert lawyers in Banking Law
Banking Law attorneys will help you recover your investment, renegotiate the debt, recover the money in the formalization expenses of the mortgage, make the corresponding claim in floor clauses, abusive clauses, opposition to foreclosures, swaps, preferred shares , … They can help you and assist you in the judicial or extrajudicial route.

Attorneys Inheritances and Wills
The lawyers of Inheritances and Wills are those that are dedicated to everything related to the successions, that is, the transfer of the assets, rights and obligations of a deceased. It is framed within civil law, which is the part of private law that regulates relationships between people. They can help you in inheritance, wills, donations, successions, inheritance, and even divide it by judicial means.

Intellectual Property Attorneys
Intellectual Property lawyers are those who advise and represent their clients in matters related to the different existing intellectual property rights: music, literary, artistic works, computer programs, etc.

Attorneys Fines Resources
The lawyers of Fines Resources, help you with regard to traffic sanctions or imposed by an administrative body for the commission of a violation of road traffic regulations. There are several reasons to appeal a traffic ticket, even when the infraction has been committed.

Lawyers Rentals
The lawyers of Rentals are those that are dedicated to the contracts of lease of real estate, that is to say, the rent of houses, as much rustic as urban, as well as commercial premises, professional offices, etc. A lease is a contract by which the landlord makes a property available to the tenant for a period of time, and the tenant pays a price.

Lawyers Evictions
The lawyers of Desahucios are dedicated to managing conflicts when the owner of a property or home wants to evict the occupants of the flat or property, including commercial premises. It also interposes the pertinent judicial claims to recover the incomes not paid in time and form.

Expert lawyers in Mortgage and Notary
The lawyers of Mortgage and Notarial are those who are dedicated to deal with and perform all procedures before notaries and registrars of the property (form and time of registration of acts in the Land Registry, public deed, registration, notarial faith, etc. .).

Lawyers Gender Violence
The lawyers of Gender Violence advise and defend the victim against the commission of acts of physical and psychological violence, including attacks on sexual freedom, threats, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty against women, both in the field domestic or family, as in the workplace or in society in general.

Lawyers Divorce
Divorce attorneys manage everything related to the termination of a marriage. We speak of divorce or separation of mutual agreement and contentious, drafting and negotiation of the regulatory agreement, liquidation of community of acquisitions, paternity and filiation processes, custody, maintenance, modification of measures, compensatory pension, domestic violence, … etc .

Medical Doctor
The Medical Doctor’s lawyers are dedicated to advising on the legal aspects related to the health of the people (medical responsibility, professional malpractice, medical negligence, disabilities and hospitalization, etc.).

Lawyers Honor, Image and Privacy
The attorneys of Honor, Image and Privacy are those who are dedicated to dealing with the defense of people against illegitimate interference that violate these rights.

Lawyers New Technologies
The New Technologies lawyers deal with all the legal regime related to the new communication technologies. Among other issues, they deal with the following subjects: Computer law (contracts, computer crimes, etc.), Electronic commerce (contracts, general conditions, etc.), Protection of personal data, Telecommunications, … etc.

Industrial Property Attorneys
The Industrial Property lawyers are dedicated to dealing with issues related to patents, trademarks and industrial designs.

Attorneys Complaints of Amount
The Claims of Amount attorneys study and process the payment requirements of debts, payments or compensation pending collection, either judicially or extrajudicially. Claim the debts of large companies, SMEs and self-employed. The debts must be money, determined, liquid, due and due to be able to go through the payment process.

Insurance Lawyers
Insurance attorneys make legal claims against insurance companies that may occur after suffering the insured event, whether it is accidents involving people, real or personal property.